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*Student Life

Connect with other students and learn new skills by participating in a student organization or club, or by attending one of our events or workshops. Earn Paw Prizes! Find out how by looking under documents in the Student Life organization.

African Student Association

Mission Statement Unify the African student body and friends of Africa within MATC.

AIGA Student Group

The Madison College AIGA Student Group provides support, leadership, promotion, and education to students of the Graphic Design program aspiring toward a professional career in the design world.

Anime Club

This club is for those interested in Anime, Manga, movies and discussions on Anime culture. Meetings take place in D2637 from 12:00-4:00 every Friday between January 20th and May 5th


General announcements for Madison College students are posted on this section of The Link.

Architectural Technologies Club

This club is for students in the Architectural Program. If you are looking to expand your resume and build a community with your peers, this is the place to do it! We meet Thursdays at 11:30 in D1673 at Truax.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Interest Group (Asian & Pacific Islander Group)

This interest group helps Asian and Pacific Islander students stay connected to events and activities.

Asian American Student Association

This club is for Students that are interested in Asian American issues & culture. We strive to help bridge a gap between the Asian community and all others.

Association of Welding Specialists

Students who work with metals.

Automotive Club

Students in any of the Automotive programs.

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